Three examples of growth

On the second day of spring we have something to celebrate. YSE has outgrown its setting, setting a fine example of the way we scale up. After years of working cosily with Kirkman Company out of our cramped shared premises, it’s high time for a whole new place of their own in the middle of the student city of Utrecht. Today we will give them a rousing send-off with some celebratory drinks.

In addition, the Powered by Meaning group has burst the seams of their website. In recent weeks we have been working hard to create a new website that shows clearly what the group stands for, what we are working on, and who is and has been part of this great ecosystem.

A symbol of continuing growth was the beautiful beech tree in the front garden of our office building in Baarn. Rooted in the ground and standing firmly in place. Unfortunately, its 150-year-old branches were unable to withstand last year’s summer storm, and we had to say goodbye to “our beech tree”. A healthy young specimen – a true start-up – has now taken its place and will continue to grow along with us for many years to come.